Denver's Channel 7 The Now

Thank you Denver Channel 7 for the lovely story!

Wedding Pink Wedding from Dan Hosea on Vimeo.


Sneak Peek at Laurie and Jessie's Wedding

We are thrilled to have wrapped up our 7th annual Wedding Pink. Despite an unexpected and unusual May snow storm it was a beautiful wedding. Here is a sneak peek of Laurie and Jessie's special day. 

A gigantic thank you to Ali & Garrett Photographers for their beautiful photographs.


Laurie and Jessie are Married!

Laurie and Jessie had a beautiful wedding ceremony yesterday at the Evergreen Lake House despite an unusual winter snow storm!

Denver's Channel 7 was there to cover it. Stay tuned for the big story today and wedding photos from Ali & Garrett Photographers.





Dress Shopping at The Bridal Collection

As most of you know Laurie and Jessie were recently in town to meet with vendors and plan their upcoming wedding. One of the stops they made was to pick out dresses at The Bridal Collection. We wanted to extend a huge thank you to them as they donated brand new dresses to both of the ladies. We all had a fun experience watching them try on and pick out their special dresses. Don't worry, we aren't spoiling the surprise. The dresses that they picked are not shown below.


Denver Channel 7 News Story!

A huge thank you to Channel 7 for the lovely story that aired last Friday.

Wedding Pink winners 2017 from Dan Hosea on Vimeo.