As a young woman Cheryl Ungar was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is an accomplished and successful professional photographer -- and a 22-year breast cancer survivor.

Cheryl's photographic career has taken her on assignments throughout the United States and Europe. In 2010 when Cheryl was forming her non-profit, Cheryl Ungar Gives, she felt it was the right time and place in her life to give back to the community that had supported her and helped her thrive. Thereupon, she created The Wedding Pink.

It is now Cheryl's dream and vision to offer at least one wedding giveaway a year to a deserving couple who has had a difficult time with breast cancer. Cheryl recently stated, "Launching The Wedding Pink has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life; words cannot describe the feelings I get from organizing these events. Every wedding is as much a gift to me as it is a gift to the couple."


*July 22, 2013, see Cheryl's update here





Cheryl Ungar Gives mission is to offer compassion to those affected by breast cancer. This is achieved by wedding giveaways and other acts of kindness to individuals or couples who have recently experienced a difficult time with this disease in their lives.