Sabrina + Rex

Sabrina & Rex

Sabrina & Rex

We are very excited to introduce you to our 2019 Wedding Pink couple, Sabrina and Rex! We were extremely moved by their story and immediately fell in love with them both. Because they are such incredible people, we decided to forgo the submission period and surprised them with the wedding as an early Valentine’s Day gift. Sabrina is a breast cancer survivor and Rex is decorated retired Marine. They have supported each other through so many of life's challenges and have been able to come out on the other side as loving best friends.  They also actively give back to our community in too many ways to count. We are excited to bring Sabrina and Rex into The Wedding Pink family and cannot wait for their wedding. It’s going to be beautiful!

How has your life recently been touched by breast cancer?

I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in April 2016 at the age of 27. I underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, 4 reconstructive surgeries and a hysterectomy.

Tell us about yourselves.

I am from Muskego, WI and met my Fiance when he was stationed in Madison WI. I enjoy skiing, climbing, diving and snuggling with my puppies (Fancy Pants of the Meadow is 12 years old but our sweet Bailey is 2 years old ). Rex is a recently Retired US Marine and a Purple Heart recipient. He works at the University of Colorado Boulder, helping Veterans and their families. He is a Wildland firefighter and technical rescue volunteer with a local reacue organization in Boulder called Boulder Emergency Squad plus he is active with Team Rubicon. He is my ski/dive/climbing buddy and we love our life :)

How did you meet?

Rex was in charge of a Marine Corps unit in Madison WI. We met at a BBQ. Months later we started chatting on social media and one day, I decided to visit him at his new duty station. We fell in love and had been together ever since, surviving his last deployment to Afghanistan, numerous Wildland Firefighting Deployments, Emergency Rescue calls and our fight with cancer.

Why do you feel that you deserve to be awarded The Wedding Pink 2019?

It would be an honor to receive this wonderful gift and experience. We haven’t made any wedding plans since his fairytale proposal in March 2017 and it would be a blessing to share this with our closest friends and family. I recently completed cancer treatments and surgeries and this would be an awesome way to make the fairytale complete :)