Touching Response

I have yet to officially announce Cheryl Ungar Gives, but I have told a few clients and friends. So far, I am touched by the response and feedback that I have had.

I would like to share a recent story. I had an opportunity to reconnect with a client of mine who needed an updated portrait and I happily agreed to stop by his office to catch up, chit chat and take a few quick snaps. In conversation, I mentioned Cheryl Ungar Gives and he to was touched by what I was doing. Fast forward a week later and come to find out he made a donation in my name not only to the Young Survivors Coalition but also the Denver chapter of the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

His generousity is overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

Thank you Kevin Yoshida of Braun Yoshida Architects!

And, here is the portrait I took of Kevin that day...