SaddleRidge at Beaver Creek ~ The Venue for The Wedding Pink - 2012

While we are still in the process of selecting next year's recipients of The Wedding Pink I thought I would take a moment to tell you about our venue for next year. SaddleRidge at Beaver Creek is without a doubt one of the most spectacular venues in the entire Vail Valley area of Colorado. We are thrilled to be working with them as they have graciously donated their venue for the ceremony and reception with their executive chef preparing an incredible meal for the guests.

A little more information about SaddleRidge:

SaddleRidge is nestled on the eastern slope on the base of Beaver Creek Mountain. The forty-foot high ceilings and the mismatched antique chairs combine to create a cozy atmosphere, which houses the largest collection of American western antique furnishings, and artifacts. In the elegant but comfortable surroundings, you'll feel as if you have stepped back into the eighteen hundreds with Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley as you choose from the menu offering Western American cuisine featuring game and seafood. With the beautiful view of Beaver Creek the dining room has a full service bar and antique billiard table as well as an old time player piano and original Wurlitzer jukebox. The turn of the century library and the refurbished Larkspur room located on the first floor, featuring many pieces of cowboy and Indian artwork, serves as the primary space for meetings and social functions. In addition to the Clubhouse or main dining room, Library and Larkspur rooms, twelve privately owned villas are attached and uniquely decorated with a theme from the Old West.

To learn more about SaddleRidge at Beaver Creek we encourage you to visit their website.