Alice's Gift

We had a huge surprise for Erika at her wedding. She was gifted this stunning Todd Reed necklace made of yellow gold, raw diamond cubes and brilliant cut diamonds.

There is a beautiful story behind this. Kelly Karli of Frosted Pink Weddings donated her wedding planning services to The Wedding Pink 2012 and one of her clients read about it on her blog. The mother-of-the bride proceeded to make a private donation to The Wedding Pink in honor of Kelly's grandmother, Alice, who passed away from breast cancer many years ago. Alice was very dear to Kelly and her inspiration in founding her wedding planning company.

Kelly joined us at this year's wedding and presented the necklace to Erika. Our hope is that Erika wears this necklace in good health remembering this special day and all of the family and friends that surrounded her and Mike with love.

Additionally, a very sincere thank you to Todd Redd Jewelry for making this possible.