Tasting at Biscuits & Berries Catering Company

Biscuits & Berries sous chef, Andrew, with Melissa and Jeff. TC of Muse Events enjoying the spirit of the season.  Laura, caterer extraordinaire at Biscuits & Berries.        


I thoroughly enjoyed the tasting with Melissa, Jeff and TC (Muse Events) the other day at Biscuits and Berries Catering Company. 

Biscuits and Berries has graciously donated all of the food for The Wedding Pink. A little more information about their company. 

Biscuits & Berries is Colorado’s #1 recommended caterer. The owner, Gwen Neely’s expertise and passion for the catering business pervade every aspect of their business.

Their experienced and dedicated employees with impeccable taste, has brought Biscuits & Berries to the fore front of the Colorado catering market.

Neely’s Associates’ diverse staff comes from the top hotels, restaurants and hospitality schools. But they worked their way up. So they understand – and respect – every part of the process.

Their chefs have manned the kitchens of four-star restaurants and the management team is dedicated to excellence and the service staff is selected with the greatest of care.

They have a continuing education process to train new employees and ensure longtime staffers constantly refine their skills. Each person who works at Biscuits & Berries takes great personal pride in their company.

To learn more about Biscuits and Berries please visit their website, www.biscuitsandberries.com.