2010 Donations

As a thank you to all of my fantastic wedding couples this year, I am happy to announce that I have made donations to 2 wonderful breast cancer organizations. My pledge for this year was a minimum donation of $1000 and I feel blessed that I was able to donate a total of $1250!

The first organization is Sense of Security. My donation will go directly to a grantee of the financial assistance program and will help pay a month's worth of living expenses such as rent, utilities or groceries. Sense of Security is an amazing organization and here is a little more info about them:

"We seek to provide a sense of security from financial hardship and enhance the quality of life for Colorado breast cancer patients in treatment. Sense of Security has served more than 675 Colorado breast cancer patients while in treatment by providing over 1.3 Million Dollars towards housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, COBRA or insurance premiums and other basic living expenses to over the last 10 years."

The second organization is the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, specifically the special fund for the Comprehensive Cancer Center. If you are not familiar with the Comprehensive Cancer Center, this is their charitable mission statement:

"The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital is an integrated community cancer center offering a full spectrum of cancer care services including screening, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, clinical research and support services for patients and their families.

Your donation to the Comprehensive Cancer Center will assist our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled physicians and care givers in providing exemplary clinical services and the highest quality medical care and support services to all patients in need, including the medically under served."